These distant cousins to dwarves are the former slaves of the Horde. While Dwarves escaped their servitude to Giants long ago, Gnomes suffered in servitude, all while learning to hide, mislead, and hold onto their hope and good humor— means by which they were able to survive a millenia. The same talents sustain them still, allowing them to prosper in a world filled with creatures much larger and far more dangerous than they are.

Play a gnome if you want . . .
✦ to be curious, funny, and tricky.
✦ to rely more on stealth and deception than on brute strength and intimidation.
✦ to play a magic-user who doesn’t take life too seriously.

Average Height: 2´04˝–2´ 6˝
Average Weight: 25–40 lb.

Ability Scores: + 1 to Resilience stat, Step back and Split Wits, and Step Down the Effect Dice of die pools that use Strength. With their cunning minds and tough bodies, Gnomes are usually tasked with finding inventive solutions to complex and dangerous problems. However, due to their stumpy bodies and short limbs, Gnomes are generally found to be quite a bit weaker than most other beings.

Speed: +3
Vision: Darkvision, 30’
Languages: Common, Gnome
Bonus Languages: Dwarf, Low Giant, High Giant, Goblin, Kobold
Skill Proficiencies: Engineering, Stealth

Enhanced Reflexes, Chimerstry, Enhanced Durability

Fade Away On a successful reaction vs an attack action, convert your effect die into a Chimerstry Stunt. Spend 1 PP to do so if the reaction fails.
Cantrips Before rolling a pool that includes Chimerstry, step back Chimerstry for one roll and step up effect dice for Chimerstry related assets.

Small stature. Gain a PP and turn Enhanced Reflexes into a complication. Remove complication or activate complication to recover.

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