The offspring of Humans and Elves, Half-Elves are more than the best of both worlds, as the combination of human and elf blood produces a unique race with qualities all its own. They share some of the natural grace, athleticism, and keen perceptiveness of elves, along with the passion and drive of humans. But in their own right, they are charismatic, confident, and open-minded and are natural diplomats, negotiators, and leaders.

Play a half-elf if you want . . .
✦ to be an outgoing, enthusiastic leader.
✦ to be a charismatic hero equally at home in any culture.
✦ to be a member of a race that favors any class.

Average Height: 5´ 5˝–6´ 2˝
Average Weight: 130–190 lb.

Ability Scores: + 1 Acuity or + 1 Spirit. The minds of the Half-Elven tend to sway to those topics that require a mind that can learn and adapt easily, or those topics which engage others and drive them forward. Additionally, they may select one attribute to Step back and Split and one attribute to Step Down the Effect Dice when it is in their dice pool.

Speed: +6
Vision: Darkvision, 30’
Languages: Common
Bonus Languages: Elven, Dwarven Gnome, Halfling, High Goblin, Low Goblin, Orc, Low GIant, High Giant, Avian
Skill Proficiencies: Diplomacy, Intuition

Enhanced Senses, Magical Aptitude, Enhanced Stamina

Magic Touch: Half-Elves have a magical touch unseen in both Elves and Humans. They can spend 1 PP to step up or double any Half-Elf power for one action. If that action fails, they step up their mental stress.
Versatile: Split any half-elf power die into two stepped back die.

Two Worlds: Step up social damage dealt by humans and elves to gain 1 PP.

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