Half-orcs are the combination of the best qualities of humans and orcs, though some would argue that the good qualities of orcs are few and hard to find. From their orc blood, half-orcs inherit great physical strength and toughness. From their human blood, half-orcs are decisive and bold, resourceful and self-reliant. They are adaptable and able to make their way in almost any circumstance. Although half-orcs used to live on the fringes of society, the empire made a point of halving Half-orcs lead the bravest and most skilled warriors to battle the Orcs, and heavily rewarded those Half-Orcs whom abandoned their wild brethren. Now Half-orcs hold prominent places of power in the empire, and while there are still those who despise the half-breeds, most would not be so foolish as to let their contempt be known.

Play a half-orc if you want . . .
✦ to be big, strong and tough.
✦ to harness anger into resilience and combat power.
✦ to be a member of a race that was despised and is now celebrated.

Average Height: 6´ 3˝–7´ 0˝
Average Weight: 260–320 lb.

Stats and Attribute Dice: + 1 Passion, Step back and Split Stamina, and Step Down the Effect Dice of die pools that use Composure. While incredibly powerful and hardy, Half-Orcs lack the ability to not show their emotions at all times.

Speed: +6
Vision: Darkvision, 30’
Languages: Common, and Orc or Old Tongue
Bonus Languages: Any racial language
Skill Proficiencies: Athletics & Intimidation

Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Stamina

Reckless Fury: Borrow a die from the Doom Pool for any attacking action. After the roll, step up the die and return it to the Doom Pool.
Fearless. Spend a PP to ignore complications related to fear.

Anger issues: Step up social stress from taunts or mockery to gain 1 pp.

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